Presentations that zoom

Aug 2019 | Strategy visualization, Tools and techniques

Business leaders suggested transforming one of Silvan Borer’s energetic Forum case study visuals into an interactive, explorable digital tool.

We also wanted to find and test an accessible format that businesses can quickly create and use.

So Silvan created a “taster” with online presentation platform Prezi. Click here to explore – ignore the slide mover bar at the bottom and instead use your mouse to click and zoom / or the arrows to the right on your mobile device.

We looked at it as adapting an original strategy presentation into a follow-up tool. Was quick to build from the artwork, if limited in custom visual options.

For a cleanly-aligned visual, we simplified the original illustration into an overview page with five points in a journey – and given it is a taster – included only one detail zoom for each. Maximum would have been two.

An interesting use. Could be evolved…


About the artist
Silvan Borer is an award-winning children’s book illustrator, represented during the Forum by Visualeyes International. In 2018, Silvan won the e.O. Plauen Award for young and upcoming illustrators.

For more thoughts about the possibilities of Prezi, see this post

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