Here’s what we do to help

1) We’ll collaboratively work with you and your leadership team through the five steps of strategy communication.

      • At any strategy level – cross-corporate, business unit, function or individual products / services
      • Wherever you are in your strategy life cycle – new or evolving

Our interactive method helps meet your goals, making the most of your time in each step of the process and as your availability allows. Working collaboratively with you, your team, your functional experts and service providers, our goal is to do whatever it takes to make your strategy communication happen.

2) Want to refresh and boost your current strategy communications? Or simply gain new ideas?

Perhaps our three-hour workshop is for you –  Using strategy communications to get results, selected approaches for business leaders

      • Next session in our Zurich studio: Thursday, 26 January 2016 Overview (PDF)

3) Ready for the next level? To create a strong link between employee career goals and the strategy…

Try our flagship program – Modern Careers: what’s your strategy?

      • This Program helps experienced professionals get clarity on their career visions and the confidence to act with small, cumulative steps to achieve those aspirations Overview (PDF)

To learn more about what fits your specific strategy and needs, please contact us directly.