Leader Exchanges

Inspire yourself and your team

with tools and approaches

to help employees relate to your strategy


More demo than training. We prefer to show ideas, get leaders exploring and trust they can best decide for themselves what is most useful – for communicating strategy with employees in relatable ways.

We stimulate leaders to be more conscious of how their communication helps employees truly get involved and highlight examples to try out themselves.

  • Make strategy tangible: visual and interactive
  • Build credibility for the new direction
  • Leverage differing leader strengths and styles when it comes to communicating
  • Inspire connection using a strong mix of digital and in-person channels
  • Expand your toolkit of useful and innovative ideas


In-house, short immersion session of two-three hours or optionally including a review of your specific strategy communication, then in one or two days.

To discuss a potential session, please contact us.

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