Success Factors for Leaders

Tangible practices that help leaders communicate their strategies effectively

Key Themes

 The key shift from “decision-making” to a communication mindset

Specific challenges of communicating a strategy change

How to be relatable when bridging across levels and functions – focus on visual and interactive tools, techniques and practice

Establishing effective timelines and milestones, especially in international contexts

How to ionw the communiation is working and what to do if it is not

Course Format

This course is designed for one-day (9:30 – 16:30) and can be tailored to team priorities

Group size of four – eight participants

The course moves quickly using  jallé visual, interactive methods and provide generous resource lists for future use.

As in all jallé workshops and events, the format allows participants to draw on current examples and own experiences without having to share confidential details

Open Enrollment Fee

CHF 1,200.00 per participant, includes all materials and light refreshments

Custom Registration

We happily host this course in our Schiffbau workshop space for individuals from across companies (as well as in-house for teams and leadership training). Practically-speaking, we find that scheduling works best when we collect a list of “interested” participants, then contact them individually to set the custom date.

To be placed on a cross-company Short Course “interested” list or to learn more about in-house courses, please use our contact form or call us  – with no obligation to attend unless you later confirm a date.