Custom animation made simpler

Jun 2019 | Strategy visualization, Tools and techniques

In our zeal to demonstrate that internal strategy communication can be implemented quickly at a high, attractive standard, we asked Patrick Baumann and his motion graphics team to create a simple teaser animatic (20 seconds) about growth – using words from the Forum case study .

To situate the story in a strong, audience-relevant context, we asked photographer Justin Hession to provide shots of the Kraftwerk event venue.

The audience referred to this piece as a “movie trailer” which builds anticipation for a wider story.

It was quickly produced because we bounded the key creative elements and brought together specialized experts who have worked previously on strategy narratives.

About the artists
Artist Patrick Baumann co-founded motion graphics company Cloudscape, which specializes in product visualization and visual effects for film and TV. Their services include 2D and 3D motion graphics, plus augmented / virtual reality for a wide range of businesses.

Justin Hession Photography works with some of Europe’s largest international corporations. Justin especially focuses on portraits and architecture. He also pursues his own travel and sustainability projects as part of Planet Visible.

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