04 A Closer Look:

Guiding Executives in Strategy Communication

Practical, experience-based techniques to help refine the way you work with senior leaders to prepare the strategy roll-out

This course explores the “executive mindset” – i.e. diverse factors and concerns that senior leaders consider when choosing and implementing a new strategy – and improves your ability to guide them in strategy communication

The 01 Foundation course is prerequisite

Key Themes

 Fundamental goals, drives and concerns of senior leaders related to new strategies

Common constraints in consultative exchange in the strategy change context

Effective briefing and debriefing

Leadership communication tools

Bridging distances across levels and functions

Course Format

Each course is designed for one-day (9:30 – 16:30) and can be tailored to team priorities

Typical group size of four – eight participants; larger groups possible

The jallé method stimulates reflection and exchange to drive new insights. Courses move quickly using visual, interactive methods and provide generous resource lists for future use. As in all jallé workshops and events, the format allows participants to draw on current examples and own experiences without having to share confidential details