01 Foundation Course:

Communicating Strategy to get Results

Fresh, practical perspective on how to communicate a strategy in clear, relatable ways

This course introduces our framework and considers the practical realities of rolling out a strategy quickly and effectively 

It provides prerequisite groundwork for our Closer Look courses

Key Themes

Why a framework matters

Tools, timelines and success factors

Techniques for constructive internal discussions about the strategy before roll-out

Alignment with and among senior leaders

Differing communication styles and channels within an organizational culture

Wider international contexts and trends

Course Format

Each course is designed for one-day (9:30 – 16:30) and can be tailored to team priorities 

Typical group size of four – eight participants; larger groups possible

The jallé method stimulates reflection and exchange to drive new insights. Courses move quickly using visual, interactive methods and provide generous resource lists for future use. As in all jallé workshops and events, the format allows participants to draw on current examples and own experiences without having to share confidential details